Updated on 08 Aug 2019

Bedroom TypeUnit SizeUnit No.Price $ (SGD)
1 Bedroom:441 sq ft#07-03$1,465,000
2 Bedroom:549 sq ft#19-02$1,832,000
2 Bedroom:807 sq ft#02-08$2,553,000
2 Bedroom:872 sq ft#24-05$2,791,000
2 Bedroom (Premium):1044 sq ft#02-01$2,925,000
3 Bedroom:1141 sq ft#05-04$3,450,000
3 Bedroom:1302 sq ft#02-07$4,048,000
4 Bedroom:1744 sq ft#28-01$5,536,000
4 Bedroom (Dual Key):1690 sq ft#08-03$5,319,000
Penthouse (4BR):2422 sq ft#35-01$8,888,888
Penthouse (4BR):2659 sq ft#35-03$10,888,888


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